Best Wineries in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Valle de Guadalupe is Mexico’s premier wine region, producing over 75% of the wine that is distributed to Mexico. There are over 100 wineries along the “Ruta del Vino” (the wine route). Although Valle de Guadalupe has been producing wine for over 100 years, in the last decade the wine region has experienced tremendous growth. It is now known as the Napa of Mexico. Ready to check out the best wineries in Valle de Guadalupe? This list gives a wide range of wineries in the region. From larger wineries to boutique wineries and everything in between!

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Casa Magoni

Casa Magoni winery is owned and operated by the Magoni family. An icon in Baja California, Camillo Magoni started creating his own private wine for 15 years before offering it to the public in 2013.

Why I Love Casa Magoni:

  • The vineyard is centrally located and easy to get to
  • The wine is extremely affordable and delicious
  • Enjoy tasting wine under a massive 200-year-old oak tree
  • Listen to live music under the tree on the weekends. This makes it a truly memorable experience

Overall, a trip to Valle de Guadalupe would not be complete without a wine tasting at Casa Magoni under the grand tree of life!

Viñedos de la Reina

Starting as a businessman and architect, Roberto Curiel turned his wine-making passion into a full-time career in the mid-2000s. The queen label and name on the wine is a tribute to his wife. Viñedos de la Reina means Vineyards of the Queen.

Why I love Viñedos de la Reina:

  • One of the best views of Valle de Guadalupe
  • Located towards the end of the wine trail making it less crowded with a more peaceful environment
  • Exclusive wine selection and delicious food options
  • The service is excellent and has a very homey welcoming atmosphere

If you are looking for a romantic setting with delicious wines and food then Viñedos de la Reina is the place for you!

Vinos Plata

Vinos Plata is a younger winery that is new to the scene, but don’t let that fool you! Wine lovers around the globe have recognized the wine.

Why I love Vinos Plata

  • The owner and head winemaker, Erick Plata, hosts the tastings, making it an intimate experience.
  • The wine tasting room is located in an old remodeled shipping container
  • With glass and cork shortages, Vinos Plata pivoted and created a delicious canned wine, Alpaca

If you are looking for a boutique winery with a more authentic & unique experience, Vinos Plata is an excellent spot to go wine tasting. Make sure you try the canned Alpaca wine!

Monte Xanic

Enter a world of luxury as you pass through the grand gate entrance of this winery. Monte Xanic has won over 250 awards and produces 50,000 cases per year, making it one of the older wineries in the area.

Why I love Monte Xanic:

  • Founded in 1987 by 5 friends
  • The picturesque lake on site is actually the most critical detail. The lake is fed by natural water sources and then dispensed through a drip system into the winery
  • One of the best and most educational wine tours in Valle de Guadalupe
  • They limit group tours to 20 people max, allowing people to receive more individual attention

If you are planning to visit the best wineries in Valle de Guadalupe, Monte Xanic should be at the top of your list! Make reservations for the wine tasting and tour, they are required.


Surrounded by mountains and large rock formations lies Bruma. Located in the heart of the wine trail. Bruma also has a boutique hotel, a brunch garden, as well as a delicious restaurant attached to the wine-tasting venue.

Why I love Bruma:

  • The incredible architecture
  • A strong connection between the land and the venue
  • The winemaker, Lulu is one of the most well-known winemakers in Mexico. Lulu spent almost 15 years in Bordeaux France crafting wine!
  • Besides the amazing tasting room, Bruma also has an award-winning restaurant, Fauna that is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Bruma is one of the most well-known wineries in Valle de Guadalupe and is well worth the hype. After wine tasting, be sure to have a tasty meal at Fauna.

Mel’s Travelers Tip: Add Bruma Wine Garden to your itinerary as well! This restaurant is a great place to enjoy a delicious brunch before starting your wine tour.

Where to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe is home to some of the most unique boutique hotels for any budget.

Top Places to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe

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If you are looking for a more city atmosphere, Ensenada is a great choice as well.

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How to Get Around

Honestly, the best way to get around and tour the area is by hiring a guide. I have visited Valle de Guadalupe 3 times and have used “Baja Tour Guide” for every trip. Erik does a phenomenal job tailoring the trip to exactly what you are looking for. Your group size can be 2 people all the way to 25 plus. A guide will pick you up from the boarder and drive you around all weekend. If you do use that company, please let him know Melissa referred you!

I hope this guide helps you discover the best wineries in Valle de Guadalupe. If you need any help planning or have any questions, please reach out or message me on my contact page. As always, check out my Wine Tasting Trip Essentials Packing Guide! I would love to hear about how your trip went as well. Which wineries did you go to? Which ones are your favorites?

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