Flores Island Itinerary, Azores

One of the remotest places in Europe lies Flores Island. Together with its sister Island, Corvo, these two islands make up the western group of the Azores archipelago. Flores is arguably the most beautiful island. Full of dense lush greeny, never-ending waterfalls, and miles of unspoiled nature – the island truly is a fairytale! This Flores Island Itinerary is for 3 full days, which gives you enough time to also see the neighboring island of Corvo. So read on, and plan your perfect trip!

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Planning a Trip to Flores Island Tips

Book EVERYTHING in advance! I cannot stress this enough. Flights, hotels, rental cars, boat tours, and even popular restaurants. Flores island is extremely remote and has limited accommodations. Planning and booking ahead is often essential.

Book a rental car! When touring around Pico Island, having a rental car is an absolute must. I booked the rental car through rentalcars.com and found the best deals.

The easiest way to get to Flores is by SATA Airlines.

Flores Island Azores
Flores Island, Azores

Flores Island Itinerary Map

You can use my itinerary map in Google Maps as a reference. The pins below represent places to go with links and descriptions. The map is separated into three different days by color and map layer. Obviously, you can move days and activities around depending on the weather and how long you are on Flores. The yellow pins are tasty restaurants.

Day One: Flores Island Itinerary

Arrive to Flores on SATA Airlines, pick up your rental car, and head to your accommodation.

We stayed in the charming hotel, Aldeia da Cuada.

Staying here is truly a unique experience. The small village is so endearing and romantic. It feels as if you are stepping back in time while walking around the property. Each house has its own private garden with views of the Atlantic Ocean and the lush green scenery of Flores.

Out of all the Islands visited on our 2-weeks traveling through the Azores, Flores had the fewest accommodation options, therefore book your stay WAY in advance.

For even more hotel options, check out the best accommodations on Flores!

After checking in, time to explore the island of Flores!

Cascata da Ribeira do Ferreiro

Beautiful quick hike to a series of waterfalls. An absolute must-see on Flores!

Miradouro Lagoa Negra e Lagoa Comprida

This lookout point is of two lakes that are side by side. One lake is a dark almost black color and the other lake is a bright greeny, blue. If it is a clear sunny day, you will really be able to see the drastic difference in the colors.

2 week azores itinerary
Miradouro Lagoa Negra e Lagoa Comprida

Miradouro Craveiro Lopes

Scenic viewpoint.

Best viewpoints in Flores Azores
Miradouro Craveiro Lopes

Rocha dos Bordões

One of the most iconic sites on Flores (maybe even the Azores) is Rocha dos Bordoes. This one-of-a-kind rock formation is made up of a set of large vertical basalt columns that jet out of the ground.

Miradouro Caldeira Rasa e Funda

Another spectacular lookout into two Caldeiras.

What to do in the Azores

Restaurante “Por-do-Sol”

End your evening watching the sunset at the most western point in Europe. Restaurant Por-do-Sol offers traditional Portuguese cuisine. Honestly, one of the top restaurants I have ever been to in my lifetime!

Day Two: Corvo Island

Extremocidente Boat Tour to Corvo

Today you will be exploring the smallest island in the Azores, Corvo. You can take the ferry over to Corvo, but I highly suggest hopping on a speedboat tour with Extremocidente Boat Tours! This is an incredible way to see the coast of Flores. You will boat under waterfalls that are only accessible by sea, and if you are lucky you may even spot dolphins or whales on your way over to Corvo.

Watch our Boat Tour on YouTube!

Miradouro Caldeirão / Caldeirão Hike

Once you have arrived to Corvo, take a taxi up to the famous Caldeirão. This is a massive volcano crater on the top of the island. You can also have your taxi driver pick you up later and hike into the Crater, the hike takes about two to three hours to complete.

Mel’s Travelers Tip: If you do plan on hiking the Caldeirão, eat lunch prior to taking the taxi to the top of the island. Caldeirão, Restaurante Pastelaria seemed to be the only restaurant.

Cascata do Poço do Bacalhau

After you have arrived back from Corvo, take a swim in the only swimmable waterfall on Flores. End your evening in Faja Grande.

waterfalls in the azores
Cascata do Poço do Bacalhau

Day Three: Flores Island Itinerary

Fajã de Lopo Vaz Hike

This is one of the most scenic and impressive hikes on the island! Take the trail down to a secluded black sand beach. As you hike down you will notice a small settlement that is only accessible by sea. Pack a lunch and enjoy your day soaking up the unspoiled beauty, I could have spent all day here! It was truly hard to leave.

More Things to do on Flores

Relax, sightsee, hike, or do whatever you would like to do. There is so much more to see on the island. I pinned more places to see on the Flores Google Map. Sadly we had an afternoon flight out on day three so we weren’t able to see as much as I would have liked. Looking back, I wish we could have spent more time on this magical island. Just means I will have to plan another trip back!

I would repeat this trip in a heartbeat and luckily, you can copy this exact 3-Day Flores Itinerary! If you need any help planning your trip, please contact me or leave a comment below. Looking for more Azores Islands to visit? Check them all out here!

visit flores island azores

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