Guide to Delft, Netherlands

Delft is a charming Dutch city known for its historical landmarks, beautiful canals, and Delft Blue pottery. I found it quite calm and charming after exploring Amsterdam. Delft is a great place to spend a day or two. If you are following my Ultimate Netherlands Road Trip, I suggest staying in Delft for two nights. However, it is also a great day trip from Rotterdam or The Hague. Regardless, this guide to Delft Netherlands will help you plan your visit to this quaint town!


After exploring Amsterdam or Keukenhof, make your way to Delft. It will probably be late afternoon by the time you arrive. Check into your hotel. We stayed in the beautiful Arsenaal Delft. The hotel has onsight parking (which is a must on your Netherlands road trip) and the hotel is located steps from the city center. The coolest part? The building used to be an arsenal and has been renovated into a stunning hotel.

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After check-in, make your way out to the city center. Start in the heart of Delft, where you can wander through the quaint streets, admire the picturesque canals, and check out the market square. If you would like a map to reference, I have saved all the places to see on my Netherlands Google Map, the purple pins under Delft.

Walking Guide through Delft:

  • Walk along Oude Delft for the most picturesque canal views. Delft’s canals are lined with historic buildings and picturesque bridges, making for a scenic walk.
  • Visit the Old Church. Explore the oldest church in Delft, which dates back to the 13th century and features a distinctive leaning tower.
  • If open, have a tasty treat at City Bakery Diamond Ring, one of the oldest bakeries in Delft. Don’t indulge too much, you will have dinner next!
  • Enjoy dinner at ‘t Postkantoor, serving up delicious Dutch cuisine. Try some traditional dishes like bitterballen or stamppot.
  • Relax at the hotel or go out for a few drinks!


Day two in Delft will be a full day of site seeing. If you are only visiting Delft for one day you can easily combine both days.

New Church

Visit the New Church and be prepared for a workout! Climb to the top of the New Church tower for a panoramic view of the city. The climb to the top is well worth it! Afterward, explore the church’s interior to see the tombs of Dutch royalty.


Explore the city’s shops and galleries in the Markt area. Delft is known for its art and antiques, so take some time to browse the city’s shops and galleries for unique souvenirs and gifts.

Royal Delft Factory

If you want to learn more about the famous Delft Blue pottery, visit the Royal Delft Factory. This tour will teach you the history of Delft Blue pottery and you can see how it’s made.


Guide to Delft Netherlands

Have lunch at Hummus. This cutely decorated restaurant has a delicious menu!

Delft Canal Cruise Tour

After lunch, go on a Delft Canal Cruise to learn the history of Delft. You are able to see the city from a different perspective by taking a boat tour along the canals. Even if you did a canal cruise in Amsterdam, the history of Delft is fascinating to learn, plus the guides are super fun!

Even More Things to Do in Delft

Check out even more things to do in Delft! There are also many historic centers and museums to explore.

  • Vermeer Center. Learn about the life and work of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer at the Vermeer Center, which is located in the historic Guild of Saint Luke building.
  • Prinsenhof Museum. Learn about Dutch history at the Prinsenhof Museum, which was once the home of William of Orange and now houses exhibit on the Dutch Revolt and the Golden Age.

If you still have more time to explore, poke your head into the beautiful Historic Garden Courtyard, Klaeuwshofje. Or visit the Botanical Garden in Delft. You can also take a peaceful stroll through the Hortus Botanicus, which is home to over 6,000 species of plants.

Have a delicious dinner at Loetje Delft. After dinner, you can either enjoy drinks at Hotel Aremaal or head out to the Beestenmarkt area for cute bars.

Don’t stay out too late, you will be exploring the cheese capital of the Netherlands next: Gouda!

This Guide to Delft Netherlands should give you a good introduction to Delft’s history, culture, and sights.

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