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Japan has one of the most fascinating cultures. With traditions dating back thousands of years, a wild fashion sense, and a dominating technological development; I was excited to experience it all. This guide takes you through the top sites to see in Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, and Osaka. So read on and plan how to spend 10 days in Japan!

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Tokyo is one of my favorite cities! Each train stop on the Yamanote Line will bring you to a completely different world. I would suggest breaking up each day into certain sections of the city you are wanting to see. I enjoyed just getting off at a station and getting lost in the wonderful madness of each stop.


I suggest staying in the Shibuya Area. Preferably near Shibuya Crossing. This area is centrally located and in the heart of Tokyo. Check out my list of pre-filtered hotels.



  • Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s most iconic areas of the city and is filled with bars, malls, restaurants, karaoke bars, and a hell of a lot of neon. It’s also home to the world’s busiest intersection, which tells you a bit about how buzzing Shibuya can be.
  • Meiji Jingu Shrine
  • YoYogi park in Harajuku


  • Tsukiji Fish Market (Ginza Station) (you want to go early in the AM)
  • Shopping district

Imperial Palace

Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Skytree (Oshiage Station)


  • Known for its Bookstores

Akihabara (Akihabara Station or Suehirocho Station)

  • Akihabara is the center of the city’s otaku culture and is home to lots of amusement arcades and cheap tech shops. This is also where you go if you want to experience a maid café.


  • Upmarket hipster area

Shinjuku (Shinjuku-sanchome Station)

  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (CLOSED MONDAYS)
  • Insane entertainment district
  • Golden Gai
  • Area with tiny little bars
  • Robot Cafe (a total tourist trap but worth it)


My one regret of this trip was not staying longer in Hakone. I was able to see everything we wanted, but I wish we had one more day to hike or explore more. We stayed in a Traditional Japanese Hotel and booked a private Onsen; which is a hot spring bath.


Mount View Hakone

Keep in mind this is a traditional Japanese Style Ryokan. A Ryokan is more than just a place to sleep, a ryokan gives you the opportunity to experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle. I wanted to experience it at least once on the trip and this was totally the place to do it. I personally think one night was enough of sleeping on the ground with a little pillow that felt like it was full of beans, but hey all part of the experience!


Hakone Loop: a journey around the area that takes you on five types of transport: bus, train, pirate boat, ropeway, and cable car. Purchase the Hakone Free pass once you have arrived.

  • Mt. Fuji
  • Mishima Skywalk – this is a MUST
  • Hakone Open-Air Museum
  • Onsen in the hotel (ask if you would like to do a private one)


Kyoto was one of the highlights of the trip. From the Temples to hikes, to high tea, it offers a little bit of everything. My main tip would be to RENT ELECTRIC BIKES! It is such a blast riding bikes through the city and you are able to cover a lot of ground!


  • The hotel I stayed in is no longer there, near Yasaka Shrine which is in a busier area. Lots of restaurants and shops steps from your door. I personally liked the Western side of Kyoto the best, but it is less busy. Check out Booking.com for lots of great hotels in any area of Kyoto!


Western Kyoto

  • Arashiyama
    • Togetsukyo Bridge
    • Bamboo Groves (go at dusk or EARLY am – fewer people)
    • Monkey Park Iwatayama
    • Kameyama-kōen
    • Riding bikes by the river
    • High Tea (there are a lot of high tea and yoga/meditation retreats)
    • Hike through the Mountains

Northern Kyoto

  • Kinkaku-ji (Golden Temple)

Eastern Kyoto

  • Kiyomizu-dera (great for sunset)
  • Higashiyama District

Southern Kyoto

  • Fushimi Inari Shrine

Central Kyoto

  • Nishiki Market
  • Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka
  • Gion
  • Gion Corner – Great spot to see Gieshas
  • Yasaka Shrine 


Osaka is completely different from Tokyo. I really enjoyed it. I think the highlight for me was the Aquarium, I, unfortunately, did not have time to see Disneyland or Universal.



  • Umeda Sky Building
  • Osaka Castle
  • Kuromon Ichiba Market
  • Namba Area
  • Universal Studios or Aquarium
  • Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel


  • Dōtonbori Area in Osaka and try Okonomiyaki – also known as Japanese pizza


Japan Rail Pass:

Purchase the Japan Rail Pass a few months BEFORE entering Japan. Of course, map out your destinations and see if the Japan Rail line is worth purchasing. With this itinerary, it is definitely worth it!

I ended up activating the rail pass on the second day of being in Tokyo that way it was valid for the remaining 7 days and traveling from Tokyo to other cities. The stations where you activate the JR pass are easy to find and the tellers are very friendly and helpful. If you are unsure of when you would like to activate the pass ask one of the clerks working. Double-check the hours and opening days of the JR station office, I activated mine on a Saturday because I found out they were closed on Sundays.

This website explains the Japan Rail Pass System. I also printed out maps and mapped out the lines I would be using in Japan.

Pocket Wifi:

Rent a Pocket Wifi, if you don’t want to use your international phone service. I purchased a pocket wifi from Ninja Wifi. It was super easy to pick up from the Tokyo airport and drop off at the Osaka airport. I was charged a one-time fee and that was it!


Make sure you have cash. I was surprised how many places were CASH ONLY, which was fine but I wanted to use my Capital VentureOne travel card to get points! So warn your banks you are traveling and be prepared to use cash.

spend 10 days in japan


  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Layer clothing for the weather


Public transportation is ALWAYS on time. If the train says it will be there at 6:01 it will be there at 6:01.

Transit can be confusing so just go in with an open mind and have fun with it. It will get frustrating at times but it is all part of the adventure.

Toilets in Japan: Within 2 minutes of checking into the first hotel I had to Google “How to flush a Japanese Toilet.” They have so many features, including heated seats, noise-canceling features, and special cleaning wipes. I wanted to bring one home!

Things to do in Japan

I really hope this 10-Day Japan Itinerary is helpful and inspires you to add Japan to your travel list. If you happen to visit, feel free to tag me on Instagram @Mels_Scene, I love to see other people’s travels!

Do you have any additional tips for fellow travelers going to Japan? Comment below!

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