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If you are headed to the Azores for a few weeks and want to see more than the main island of Sao Miguel, check out Pico Island. Pico is one of the most magnificent islands in the Azores. Full of lava rock vineyards, swimming holes, trendy restaurants, and the tallest point in Portugal, Pico will not disappoint. This guide will help you plan your perfect Pico Island Itinerary.

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Planning a Trip to Pico Island Tips

Book EVERYTHING in advance! I cannot stress this enough. Flights, hotels, rental cars, cave tours, wine tastings, and even popular restaurants. The Azores are not a mass tourism destination and have limited accommodations. Planning and booking ahead is often essential. Especially on the less visited islands like Pico.

Book a rental car! When touring around Pico Island, having a rental car is an absolute must. I booked the rental car through rentalcars.com and found the best deals.

The easiest way to get to Pico is by SATA Airlines. They are relatively reliable, quick, and inexpensive. Again, book your flights way in advance!

Pico Island Itinerary

Love to travel but hate to plan? Check out my fully preplanned Pico Island Downloadable PDF Itinerary. Once downloaded, this mobile-friendly PDF itinerary can quickly be accessed on phones, so even when the internet isn’t available, everything can still go according to plan!

Pico Island Itinerary Map

You can use my itinerary map in Google Maps as a reference. The pins below represent places to go with links and descriptions. The map is separated into three different days by color and map layer. Obviously, you can move days and activities around depending on the weather, how long you are on Pico, and what you would like to do!

Day One: Pico Island Itinerary

Arrive to Pico on SATA Airlines, pick up your rental car, and head to your accommodation.

We stayed in the beautiful Barrocas do Mar. This Villa is situated on top of a hill with stunning views of the green hills and Atlantic ocean. They also have a hot tub and sheep that live on the property!

For even more accommodation options, check out my pre-filtered hotel list!

If you have been traveling through the Azores for a while, you know most activities are dependent on the weather. The first day we arrived it was fairly clear, so we started with the green-colored pins from the map above.

Liqueur Tasting: Adega de Santana

I did not know this until doing the liqueur tasting here, but Pico is known for its liqueurs! This was one of the best places we visited, tucked away in the hills of Pico you will find Adega De Santana. When you arrive, you will tour where the brandy is made, then taste the liqueurs and brandies all while learning the stories behind each product.

Lunch: O Cinco

Drive to the main town of Madalena. Walk around the port town, and enjoy a delicious lunch at O Cinco.

Scenic View: Moinho Do Frade

Visit the scenic windmill known as the Moinho Do Frade. The windmill stands on a foundation of winding black volcanic stone vineyards. If the weather is clear, Pico Mountain will be towering in the background. Moinho Do Frade is one of the most scenic views on Pico Island.

Cave Tour: Gruta das Torres

Gruta das Torres is the biggest lava tube cave in Portugal. The lava tube was formed over 1,500 years ago. If online booking is unavailable, call or email a few weeks prior to your trip to book a tour. Due to safety and preservation, only a select amount of people are allowed to tour the cave with a guide. We were unable to go into the cave because tickets were sold out!! I thought three days in advance would be enough time, but it was not. So please learn from my mistake!

Mount Pico

Visit the “Mountain House” to see a close-up view of Mount Pico. This is the furthest point you can drive to. There is an informational video and great views inside the mountain house. This is also the spot where hikers check in and out when climbing Pico.

Mel’s Travelers Tip: If you would like to hike to the top, check out more information on the Azores Government Website. It takes about 6-8 hours to climb the mountain, so if it is something you would like to do, it will take an entire day.

Sunset dinner & drinks at Cella Bar

End your evening at Cella Bar. Cella Bar is an architecturally pleasing venue situated right on the ocean. Beautiful place to watch the sunset and enjoy drinks!

Day Two: Pico Island Itinerary

Time to try volcanic wine! I am sure you will already be mesmerized by the lava rock walls that weave throughout the sides of Pico Island. Now you can actually learn the history of the lava rock walls and try local Pico wine. Day two is the Orange Pins on the Map.

Mel’s Travel Tip: Make sure you reserve your wine-tasting times in advance, call, or email a few weeks before your trip to Pico, especially if you are traveling during the summer months. If there is a festival being held, a lot of the wineries and local shops will be closed! They will all be at the festival sampling their products.

Pico Wine Tasting Tour

I would pick around 2-3 wineries to visit. My personal favorites were Azores Wine Company and Lucas Wine. But they are all unique in their own way!

Winery Adega “A Buraca”

An intimate and personal wine-tasting experience. You will learn the history of the family and their livelihood on Pico Island. Overall, a very pleasant and historical look at a local family’s winery operation.

Azores Wine Company

Azores Wine Company is an unbelievable experience. Before the wine tasting starts, you will tour the eco-friendly, ultra-modern property with a very knowledgeable staff member. Learning the history of the land, the company, the vineyards, and the region. The tasting room has incredible views of the ocean and vines. You may even spot Mount Pico on a clear day!

If you have time, try the tasting food menu at Pico Restaurant on-site.

Wine Museum

This museum is great to visit if you are interested in learning even more about wine-making and the history of Pico Island.

Pico Wine

Great informative wine-tasting tour located in the heart of Madalena.

Lucas Wine

The Youngest Wine Producer in the Azores. This family-run business has high-quality wines that are paired with delicious homemade tapas. The owner takes the time to explain the wine and its history. Lucas wine is an absolute must when visiting Pico.

Poça da Branca

After sampling wine all day it is time to enjoy a natural ocean pool. Poça da Branca is a great place to soak up the sun and relax. There is even a man-made diving spot, and it is so fun to jump into the water.

Dinner: Adega Açoriana – Tapas & Wine House

After you are done playing in the ocean, walk to dinner at Adega Açoriana – Tapas & Wine House. Then head back to the Villa and soak in the hot tub while watching the sunset.

Day Three: Pico Island Itinerary

Start your day off driving around the east side of Pico (Blue Pins on Map). We set our map route to drive along the side roads instead of the ER1. This allowed us to experience the local quaint areas of each town.

Miradouro da Terra Alta

Stop and overlook the edge of the dramatic cliff, you can even hike along the edge if you are feeling daring! This overlook offers magnificent panoramic views of the nearby island of Sao Jorge and the Atlantic Ocean.

Manhenha, Ponta da Ilha

The actual lighthouse is closed to the public, but it is still a beautiful and scenic drive to the point. I think it’s worth checking out.

Lajes do Pico

The port of Lajes do Pico is the oldest port on Pico Island and the first place to be settled. You can feel the rich history as you walk around the town. Make sure to visit the old church – Igreja da Santíssima Trindade.

Lagoa do Capitão

Drive down the middle of Pico Island and stop at some waterholes. You will be amazed at all the different views of Pico Mountain you will see! Take your time and find your own spots to stop along the way!

Magma Restaurant

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary meal with a beautiful view at Magma Restaurant. Again, make reservations well in advance! Also, try to go around sunset. The restaurant sits alongside a cliff overlooking the valley and ocean. Magma is an absolutely spectacular place.

I hope this blog post on how to plan the perfect “Pico Island Itinerary” is helpful and inspires you to add the Azores to your travel list! If you happen to use this Pico Island Itinerary, tag me on Instagram @Mels_Scene and I will happily share your trip on my stories!

If you need any help planning or have any questions, please comment below or message me on my contact page! I would love to hear about how your trip went as well. Which wineries were your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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Pico Island Itinerary

Love to travel but hate to plan? Check out my fully preplanned Pico Island Downloadable PDF Itinerary. Once downloaded, this mobile-friendly PDF itinerary can quickly be accessed on phones, so even when the internet isn’t available, everything can still go according to plan!

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