The Best Instagrammable Places in Morocco

Morocco is known for its picturesque beauty. This guide will help you find the best Instagrammable places in Morocco. 

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Tucked away in the dramatic Rif mountains, Chefchaouen is known for its blue dwellings nestled against the rugged mountain. The cerulean city cascades down the mountainside with pops of unique colors revealing hidden buildings, enchanting cafes, bustling merchants, and obscure alleyways. The center of the town connects each tiled passageway that winds through the city. Even with its popularity, Chefchaouen remains an untouched wonderland in Morocco.

Best Instagrammable Places in Chefchaouen:

To find these locations search in Google Maps for nearby sites, the exact locations can be difficult to find, I included what to search for in google maps. Honestly, your best bet is to wander around and get lost in the sea of blue.

  1. Stairwell filled with flower pots: Unnamed Road, Chefchaouen, Morocco
  2. Any Blue Street
  3. Place El Haouta
  4. Mosquée Bab Al Souk: Jamaa, Chefchaouen, Morocco
  5. The Spanish Mosque: visit this location at Sunset
  6. Find your own unique spot!

Mel’s Photo Tip: Wear a contrasting color, I choose yellow. Also, wonder about the city early in the morning before the streets get too busy.


With over 9,000 petite alleys and two of the most ancient Medinas, one will truly feel mindlessly lost in Islamic Architecture. Do not be fooled by a dim entryway, tucked behind that door is an enchanting garden of pure paradise. Fes feels like its very own open-air museum, which will certainly intensify all your senses. 

Best Instagrammable Locations in Fes:

  1. Inside your Riad by the pool
  2. The Doors of the Royal Palace, Dar El Makhzen
  3. Mosque & University of Al-Quaraouiyine
  4. Tanneries
  5. Outer Fez, Mount Zalagh View
  6. Al-Attarine Madrasa
  7. Random Doorways

The Sahara Desert

Vast stretches of soft sand expand over the horizon, with hazy shadows of camels and Berbers breaking the sun’s hot glare. The Sahara Desert is dramatically stunning in its seclusion. Riding off into the abyss is especially breathtaking during sunset or sunrise. The sun transforms the sky into a painting of golds, pinks, and bronzes, while the dunes turn dark orange.

Best Instagrammable Locations in the Sahara Desert:

  1. On a Camel
  2. Sunset or sunrise over the dunes
  3. With a local Berber
  4. Wearing traditional Berber clothing

Mel’s Photo Tip: Want to look badass? Wear a traditional headscarf!


Marrakech will hold your sensations captive. Armoric spices, colorful textiles, gleaming lamps, and boisterous vendors hollering make this city one of Morocco’s most popular destinations. A maze of souks and alleys reveal new treasures at every turn, while the snowcapped Atlas Mountains hover over the skyline keeping the majestic madness of Marrakech within.

Best Instagrammable Locations in Marrakech:

  1. Majorelle Garden
  2. Medrasa Ben Youssef
  3. Bahia Palace
  4. In your Riad
  5. Marrakech Medina Gate
  6. Heritage Museum
  7. Le Jardin Secret
  8. Higher-end hotels: La Mamounia, Es Saadi, Selman Marrakech

Dades Gorge

The winding roads of Morocco meet a gorge carved by the Dades River. The Dades Gorge consists of a diverse and impressive landscape. Cliffs, rock formations, and scattered patches of rich greenery make up this worldly wonder.

Best Instagrammable Locations in Dades Gorge:

  1. Palm Groves
  2. Monkey Fingers
  3. Road of a thousand Kasbahs
  4. The starry night sky
  5. Other close-by locations: The Atlas Mountains or Ouarzazate

I hope you have enjoyed reading The Best Instagrammable Places in Morocco! If there are any other places you think to add please list them below in the comment section!

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