I think we can all agree that Covid-19 has changed humans outlook on sanitation, especially when it comes to tight travel quarters. Below are some products that I have found useful and helpful for travel cleanliness.

All Natural Hand Sanitizer:

I personally love this hand sanitizer. It does not dry out your hands plus it smells heavenly!

Toilet Seat Covers:

These are great for high traffic bathrooms and they easily can be packed away in your purse or travel bag.


I love to use these when you cannot wash your hands and you want a good cleaning. Perfect before eating meals when a sink is not accessible.

Alcohol Wipes:

I mainly use these to clean off my phone! Think how your phone touches everything! Counters, bathroom sinks, plane tables, etc. AND then you hold it or press it close to your face – YUCK! These are the best way to quickly clean your cell phone or even your assigned seating area when traveling.

Disposable Face Masks:

I personally like to use disposable face masks when traveling so I can always have a fresh new one! Please remember to always dispose them in the trash to protect the Earth’s oceans and environment.

Boost your Immunity:

Easy packable immunity boosting all natural products!

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  1. What great sanitation suggestions!! Need the alcohol wipes for my phone, never have even thought of that. Thanks for the insight!

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