Wine Tasting in Cottonwood Arizona

Old Town Cottonwood is a historic district in Cottonwood, Arizona. It is a charming area with many shops, tasty restaurants, and the best part, wine-tasting rooms! Cottonwood is often overlooked and most people head to Sedona or Jermone, but I promise you Cottonwood is a hidden gem! I fell in love with this quaint town while visiting. The district is located on Main Street, which is lined with historic brick buildings. Old Town Cottonwood is a great weekend getaway, especially if you live in the surrounding areas, such as Phoenix. So read on and plan your perfect Wine Tasting weekend in Cottonwood Arizona!

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Cottonwood Arizona


The best time of year to visit Cottonwood, Arizona is during the spring (April-May) or fall (September-October). The weather is mild during these months, with average temperatures ranging from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also visit Cottonwood during the summer (June-August). The weather is typically hot, but it will be cooler than the Phoenix area! Which is always a plus.

No matter what time of year you visit Cottonwood, I assure you will have a great time. The town is located in a beautiful part of Arizona, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Cottonwood, AZ Map

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Arrive in Old Town Cottonwood and check into the Hotel Tavern, located in the center of the action. If you are traveling with a larger group, the Turquoise Casa Airbnb is a great option!

After you have settled in, have dinner at one of the tastiest restaurants in town, Nic’s Steak & Crab House. They do not take reservations so I highly recommend getting there early before the crowds arrive.

Nic’s Steak & Crab House


Be prepared for the most delicious breakfast at Crema Cafe. I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty ALL the food was in Cottonwood, and this place did not disappoint!

After breakfast, get ready for your first winery of the day at the Southwest Wine Center. This wine is actually made by college students! It is about a 10-minute drive from Old Town Cottonwood, you can either call an Uber or taxi. Make sure to make reservations prior to your visit.

“The Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College is a premier wine industry and community resource, offering a comprehensive hands-on education from vineyard-to-bottle with programs in enology, viticulture, and business/entrepreneurship through its estate vineyard, teaching winery, fully-operational tasting room, and region-wide wine industry research epicenter.” – Southwest Wine Center

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Lunch & Wine Tasting: The Merkin Vineyards Hilltop Winery & Trattoria featuring a 270-degree of the Valley with award-winning high-elevation wines and a farm-to-table seasonal menu. This place is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!! Great wine, great food, great service. Do you know what a Merkin is? Ask your waiter to find out!

If you are still in the mood for more wine, there are plenty of other wine-tasting rooms in the area. Take a stroll through the historic Old Town Cottonwood and pop into one of the many wine-tasting rooms. If you are done with wine tasting, you can shop at one of the many quirky boutique stores.


Wine Tasting in Cottonwood Arizona
Tantrum Wine Tasting Room

Dinner: Pizzaria Bocce. If you do not want a sit-down dinner, order pizza and drinks at Bar Strada and play Bocce Ball! It is part of the restaurant and a great place to spend the evening.


Have a traditional diner-style breakfast the Old Town Rooster Cafe.

After breakfast, take a morning stroll through Dead Horse Ranch State Park. This is a captivating park with stunning views of the Verde River. Hiking Trail List.

I would repeat this trip in a heartbeat and luckily, you can copy this exact Wine Tasting Weekend in Cottonwood Arizona! If you need any help planning your trip, please contact me or leave a comment below.

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Cottonwood Arizona

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